Keith is inviting Sammi to be a director for “Twelve Flowers”

After the Art In Hospital Charity event on Sunday, Sammi left for Causeway Bay to do another interview at a cafe. At about 8pm, Sammi then left for the JW Marriot in Admiralty where she met with the composer Keith Chan. Reporters waited till 11pm but did not see Sammi leaving the hotel, before they realised that she had left from the back door much earlier!

Reporters asked Wallace Kwok, Sammi’s manager about the meeting and Wallace confirmed that they had met at the hotel. Wallace said, "Keith is inviting Sammi to be a director, so they had to meet to discuss the details." According to reports, Keith Chan is presenting an item at the 35th Annual HK Art Festival entitled <Twelve Flowers> which will see a pairing of music with 3 minute video clips done by 12 invited directors. Since Keith is a long-time songwriter for Sammi, Sammi immediately agreed when Keith approached her to helm one of the clips.

Recently, there has also been much discussion about Joey Yung and Sammi on the discussion boards online, comparing the 2 artistes, since both of them will hold concerts this year. Sammi appears to have the most support, with Miriam Yeung also attracting much support.

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