Kay Tse holding a concert before leaving the music industry

Kay Tse On Kei who is 5 months pregnant held a "temporary departure concert" yesterday. Kay’s husband-to-be (Louis Cheung) and good friends Kelvin Kwan, Hins Cheung, Ivana Wong etc. all came to support her.
Kay especially chose ??????? to sing to her mother. She said on the stage:
"I believe love can last forever, well…except if someone does something wrong." (As having a love affair…I assume)
While saying that she looked at Louis Cheung’s direction, as if giving a warning to her boyfriend.
"I hope he will care for me and love me as my mother does, and as much as I love him."
During the concert Kay also thanked Eason Chan for his guidance. She said "He always says that singers have a great load of stress, so it’s important to keep being happy and not get angry; being a singer you shouldn’t talk too much, because the more you talk the worse it gets. He has also said that singers’ condition is very important, you will have to ‘keep fit’ and go on diets."
Towards the end of the concert, the fans all shouted for "Encore" and to satisfy them Kay sang Eason’s song ??????.

After that song, when the concert really ended all the singers and guests went up to the stage. Kay gave all of them a hug except Louis. She later on explained that she thinks it’s embarrassing to hug him infront of the audience.
She also revealed that their wedding will be on the 20th of this month.

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