Kay Tse and Vincy Chan, each have their own characteristic

K: We haven’t collaborated before in music, but everytime we meet we’ll naturally start talking with each other.

V: The first time I came in contact with you was through the television which was airing your music video, at that time I still hadn’t entered showbiz. I thought you really have style, and different from other singers, the way you pronounce words is very special as well. I myself pronounce alittle bit unclearly.

K: Your singing technique is very good, your voice is beautiful. At first I thought you were extremely refine and quiet, but it turned out that you are easy to talk to, I feel comfortable talking with you.

V: I think I have to do better when it comes to stage presence, and I also hope I’ll be able to deduce songs which I like and find comfortable with.

K: As a performer, the interaction with the audience is very important. Sometimes I will appear really stiff on stage, because I still haven’t much stage-experience. As for songs, my songs have different elements. I don’t mind whether it’s a K (karoke) song or not, and I won’t sedulously separate them. I actually think my songs are quite pop. But the most important is it to be touching.

V: K-songs only definite that the song has a specific pattern, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the song isn’t good. Except for songs being important, do you think a singer’s "package" is important? I do care for "package", it’s afterall a job which require many public appearances, you must be pleasing to the eyes, even though it isn’t the most important, but only caring about singing doesn’t really sound right to me.

K: I value producing music more, I don’t think music have that much to do with one’s looks. Many people are saying that being under a big music company is very important to a singer, but me myself chose another path to start from. Even though there weren’t much promotions at first and there wasn’t any other singers (seniors) leading me, among the many choices in the market there were still people liking my music, I find that really cool.

V: Although I haven’t been in a small music company I don’t think it matters much whether it’s a small or a big company, the most important thing is the people you are collaborating/working with/.

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