Kate Tsui not Worry about Joey Yung Stealing Limelight in “Academy 2″,

Kate Tsui will be playing a cadet in the new series “Cadets on the Beat” (Academy 2) and in order to tie in with her character, she is required to cut her hair short. Kate went for the chop yesterday and she seemed rather nervous as she entered the salon. To meet the strict regulations of the police training school, she has had to go very short and asked if she was happy with her new style, she replied: “I am happy, it feels really light. It has been over ten years since I had it this short and the last time was because the stylist accidentally took too much off.”

Talking of Joey Yung appearing in this series, is Kate worried that her limelight will be stolen? She says: “Not at all, having more faces in the cast is helpful to the series and will attract more viewers.”

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