Karena Lam’s new film SILK

The Karena Lam Ka Yun and Chang Chen starred SILK (GWAI SI) will be released on September 28. In the film they played a couple but in the entire film they only had two scenes together. They spent most of the story on the phone. Ka Yun joked that she regretted not being able to be intimate with this handsome guy.

Yesterday Lam Ka Yun and Chang Chen promoted the film. Ka Yun expresed, in the film she has dated Chang Chen for years but they did not often see each other. They relied on the phone to maintain their relationship. She joked that she had the most screen time with that phone and only had two scenes together with Chang Chen. Ka Yun said, they were very cool about love. In reality she also calmly handled her relationship and would not be too clinging in love. Ka Yun pointed out that Chang Chen was handsome but the director was petty and only arranged for so little scenes together. Although they played a copule they did not even had any intimate scene.

Ka Yun said, when she first saw Chang Chen she only felt his expression was very cold. Normally she did not dare to speak with him. Sometimes when the director told some very rotten jokes, she felt that they were very dumb and funny but Chang Chen did not have any reaction. Thus usually when Chang Chen was on the set she dared not make a sound. After the shoot completed, she realized that he was someone knew how to laugh and had emotions.

Ka Yun also praised Yosuke Eguchi was very professional. In the film he had some Putonghua dialogue that he delivered very accurately. She knew that he had put in the hard work. As for her co-star Big S Barbie Shui (Tsui Hei Woon), she had a very long dialogue in Japanese in the film and she never expected her to be so fluent. Ka Yun has heard that she knew Korean, which perhaps has helped her. Ka Yun later will promote the film in Taiwan. Next month she will begin work on a drama.

Chang Chen in SILK played an unhappy person. Although the performance was not too hard it had certain stress. This character was dissimilar to the real him. In order to play the character well everyday he has made himself very unhappy, like listening to sad music so he could be completely involved. During the shoot, he also rarely chatted with the crew.

However, Chang Chen felt that the shoot had some very fun parts. Because the film used a lot of special effect scenes, he had to act with the air on many occasions and could only rely on his imagination or discuss with the director. As for any strange event during the shoot, Chang Chen expressed that none happened but he believed in ghosts. He expressed that he had haunting in Japan and Germany. The first time he was very scared and the second time he just kept on sleeping. After the promotion he will work on the film TIN TONG HAU (HEAVEN GATE).

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