Kangta & Vanness made their 1st performance in Hong Kong

Vanness & Kangta made their 1st performance in Hong Kong the nite b4, it attracted many of their fans. As it’s a showcase, they only sang 5 songs and the event ended within 1 hour. KV said hello to the fans in cantonese. However, there was a small accident.

Their performance was divided into 2 parts, for the 1st part they appeared in all black outfits. For the 2nd part, they changed into white shirts. After singing 2 songs, they’ll play games with fans. For the 1st game, 6 fans were invited on stage to guess song titles. Juz then, a lighting dropped and touched 1 of the fan’s shoulder. But that fan excitedly continued playing. As both KV didn’t see it happen, they were shocked when they heard it from their crew after the incident. The next game was to pass a ping pong ball using a spoon. Ping pong balls fell on the floor many times. At 1st, Vanness suavely picked up the ball and threw it towards the fans. But instead, a fan caught it & threw it back.

After each game, fans will take the opportunity to hug both of them. But it caused a roar from the rest of the fans. Kangta looked stiff when hugged by fans. When asked how did he feel after the hug, Vanness said it’s comfortable. As long as his fans are happy, he’s happy too. When asked futher, wat if fans request for a kiss. Vanness said kiss will be too over. On the other hand, Kangta said a kiss on the face is ok but kiss on the lips then he has to take responsibility. When told he looked stiff while hugging fans, he explained that this is his 1st time performing in HK, and he’s a little nervous. He promise to be more natural at the autograph session the next day.

As their schedule in HK is very tight, Kangta is unable to enjoy the scenery or shopping. Vanness who has been in HK many times told Kangta in english, he hopes to bring KT to Lan Kwai Fong but they are unable too because there are too many paparazzi.
Kangta joked only that he can go, only Vanness can’t. Vanness replied he will wear a Kangta mask & go out.

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