Kangta sang ‘Full of Happiness’ and ‘Hope.’

Kangta, member of the group HOT that spread Hallyu throughout Asia held his first concert in Tokyo, Japan, and reflected upon the meaning of ‘Hallyu’ by interacting with his fans.

Approximately 2,000 fans from Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and other countries gathered for ‘Kangta JAPAN 1st Concert 2007’ which was held on the 8th in Tokyo. Some Japanese fans were wearing t-shirts with the KBS drama series Loveholic logo as a group expressing their devotion.

At the press conference prior to the performance, Kangta commented, “I wanted to show a different side of me. Especially with my military service coming up, I worked to create an emotional yet mature performance.” He selected the songs he wanted his fans to hear himself.

“I do want to debut in Japan. But, this stage is not a start. This concert is truly for my fans who have always supported me, and when I do decide to debut it will be more systematic and better planned.”

He continued, “I first want to get married once I finish my military duty. My first plan is to establish a stable family. Then, regardless of whether I am married or get older, I always want to sing on stage and in front of the camera.”

Also, he introduced the digital single which is to be released at the end of this month which features 3 songs, from ballade to dance beats.

Kangta sang 24 songs, those he wanted to sing and those he liked, ranging from jazz to ballades, and dance.

When he went on stage for his encore performance, fans prepared a surprise birthday cake and congratulated his coming birthday on October 10th (Happy Birthday Kangta!). Kangta offered HOT hit songs ‘Full of Happiness’ and ‘Hope.’

After the concert, Kangta commented, “This concert was planned around a romantic ambience with soft vocals rather than performance and I am glad the fans here liked it. But I am not 100% satisfied. I will work harder to return with a more mature performance. I wasn’t able to meet with my fans at home due to my activities overseas, but I will release a 4th album towards the end of the year and focus on activities in Korea until next March.”

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