Kangta in Love in the City 2

Hallyu star Kangta’s popularity in China has been proved on television. The CCTV drama “Love in the City 2” which aired over the holidays in China ranked first in viewer ratings. The series was aired once a day at 11:30am, an hour each, from the 1st to the 7th.

Kangta’s agency SM Entertainment commented, “CCTV operates 18 channels and is government run. Considering a majority of the population gathers in front of the television during their holidays, the fact that ‘Love in the City 2’ ranked first in viewer ratings is a result of Kangta capturing the viewers.”

CCTV decided that they will air the series once again during their new year’s holidays.

Kangta performed as a popular Korean singer who loses his memory due to an accident and acted in his own name. The producer commented, “It seems the idea that Kangta who loses his memory enters an imitation singing contest captured the viewers.”

The theme song was the Chinese version of “Timeless” by Zhang Liyin with the ending theme being “Mask” sung by Kangta.

Kangta who successfully opened his first solo concert in Japan on the 8th is currently preparing a new album.

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