Kang Dong Won & Lee Na Yeong, Confident in Unique Love Story

On the 4th, actor Kang Dong Won and actress Lee Na Yeong appeared in a movie theatre in Seoul. The two attended the press conference of the movie ‘Woorideuleui Hangbokhan Shigan’ (Our Happy Time/Director Song Hae Seong) that became an issue for their performance together.

Amidst jokes of the idea that the cast was determined based on how small their face was, the piece finally revealed itself. Considering the two beautiful main cast, the movie can be easily thought of to be about love, but opening the lid revealed a much deeper story.

‘Our Happy Time,’ based on the bestseller novel by Gong Ji Yeong, is the story of Yoon Soo and Yoo Jeong who heal each other’s scars and find love throughout their meetings 3 times a week in prison. The story between Yoon Soo who is on the death penalty and art professor Yoo Jeong who has a record of 3 attempted suicides may ride along the lines of a love story while at the same time striding away from it.

Kang Dong Won who played the role of Yoon Soo commented, "The movie is about the two characters’ love, but there is also something more that can surely be felt," leaving the movie open to interpretation for the audience. In response to a question asking, "Isn’t Kang Dong Won too good looking to be criminal sentenced to death?" director Song Hae Seong said, "That is why there is no scene that was filmed without the true heart committed," creating a crowd of laughter in the theatre.

The press conference that was held directly after the movie ended started in a solemn atmosphere as the movie plot was rather heavy, but it was also a time to experience the maturity of Kang Dong Won and Lee Na Yeong. The two main casts’ speaking of their thoughts regarding love and forgiveness left a lasting impression.

Also, there probably were not many conferences that spoke of true heart so much. Lee Na Yeong who played the role of Yoo Jeong showed confidence saying, "I acted with all of my true heart so I am satisfied," while Kang Dong Won also emphasized that he thought he should not act any scene without his true heart placed in it as well.

Despite the heavy plot, however, the press conference was held in a bright and enjoyable atmosphere. The ‘happy time’ they spent together must have spread to the audience as well. The mature appearance of Kang Dong Won and Lee Na Yeong can be seen starting September 14th in Seoul.

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