K-Pop Concerts to Welcome Spring

K-pop singers are welcoming spring with a flurry of energetic concerts in Seoul and around the country. Fans are eagerly awaiting concerts of Lee Seung-hwan, Insooni, Se7en, Tei, Lee Hyun-woo and MC The Max and this month.

Singer Lee Seung-hwan, known for his live performances, holds his first concert this year on May 12 at the Chamsil Olympic Stadium.

His romantic ballads are well loved by fans, but Lee, who is former husband to hallyu star Chae-lim, is also trying to include some elements of rock music in his albums. Last November, he released his ninth album “Hwantastic,” which includes the power ballad “How Could Love Be that Way.” Ticket prices for Lee’s concert are 100,000 won, to 20,000 won

Also on May 12, R&B diva Insooni will hold her concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, Olympic Park. Insooni, who is known for her rich, deep voice, kicks off her 2007 “Dreamer” tour on April 14 in Chonan. She will hold a concert in Kwangju on April 15, Songnam on April 21, Taegu on May 19, Ulsan on May 26, Pusan on June 2 and Chonju on June 9. Tickets for the Seoul concert range from 44,000 won to 66,000 won.

K-pop singer Se7en will hold his first concert this year, “747 _ Se7en for 2007” on April 7 at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park, southern Seoul. After this concert, Se7en will hold a series of concerts in Japan and then concentrate on making his debut in the United States later this year. Tickets for Se7en’s concert are priced at 55,000 won and 44,000 won.

Ballad singer Tei will serenade his fans in a concert on April 14 at the Olympic Hall, Olympic Park. Tei is known for his deep voice, perfect for singing romantic ballads. He released his fourth album last February. Tickets for Tei’s concert cost 60,000 won, 50,000 won and 40,000 won.

Singer-actor Lee Hyun-woo will celebrate the release of his 10th album with two concerts at the Melon-AX Hall in Kwangjang-dong on April 27 and 28. Lee made his debut as a singer in 1999 with a soulful album “Black Rainbow,” which spawned the hit song “Dream.”

Lee released his ninth album Sinful Seduction in 2004. Lee is also becoming known as an actor, having appeared in dramas such as “Attic Cat” and recently, “Dalja’s Spring.” Tickets for Lee’s concert are priced from 66,000 won to 88,000 won.

MC The Max, a three-member group known for rock ballads, is making a comeback with a nationwide tour “Mc The Max Returns 2007.” MC the Max’s rock ballads are heavily influenced by the Japanese rock scene. They scored their first hit song “A Brief Goodbye,” which was a remake of X-Japan’s song “Tears.” The group has released four albums, but its latest release in January was a single “The Perfect Ballad.”

MC The Max starts its tour on April 28 and 29 at the Olympic Hall, Olympic Park. The group will then travel to Taejon on May 12, Inchon on May 19 and Pusan on June. 3. Tickets for the Seoul concerts cost from 44,000 won to 66,000 won.

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