Justin Lo’s Concert in Macau

Last night, Justin Lo held his "Justin ONE GOOD SHOW" concert in Macau. Like the one in Hong Kong, Justin had the help of Kathy Chow and Theresa. Both wearing sexy clothes and dancing. This time Miriam Yeung did not wear the bridal gown, but when she was on stage she made fun of Justin’s dancing. Afterwards, Justin introduced Paco’s newly signed artist "little fat" (literal translation) (‘siu fei’).

When Justin sang his songs ‘Qing Wing Lok’ and ‘Ming Sing’, his eyes were teary. And when he went near the audience, a hand crept out from the crowd and reached for the ‘lower part’ of his body. Good thing he escaped the attack. After the incident, Justin said, "The people of Macau are very warm/passionate. Whenever I sing ‘Ming Sing" my eyes get teary because I would think of ‘goh goh’ (Leslie Cheung) and childhood memories with my family." Speaking of Miriam Yeung joining East Asia soon, Justin said, "I don’t care what happens, I would still look for her." Asked if he would miss her, he said, "Don’t know yet. It’s not like she’s leaving Hong Kong. We haven’t talked about it personally."

On the subject of Miriam leaving Gold Label Paco said, "For now there hasn’t been any progress. The permittance papers for the Gold Label’s show at Guangzhou was delayed and that’s why we were able to do the TVB Anniversary show. It was not because I want to help Miriam fight for the Favorite Female Award." Asked if he would offer her more money to make her stay he said, "My company is very poor. If you talk about money, I don’t have any. Let’s just see if there’s any ‘fate’ between us."

Comments: The reporter in this article seems to write it as though Miriam is really going to East Asia. However, Miriam and Paco has never confirmed it yet.

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