Justin Lo (側田), Hins Cheung (張敬軒) and Tiffany Lee (李蘢怡)

This year’s charity fundraiser for Yan Oi Tong will be taking place next Saturday and marks the organisation’s 30th Anniversary. A press event for the show was held today, attended by Justin Lo (側田), Hins Cheung (張敬軒) and Tiffany Lee (李蘢怡) who will be performing on the night.

Tiffany revealed that she will be performing a salsa with Mr Hong Kong winner Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and she has been rehearsing for her dance. She said that this dance is very fast and very intimate, so it is very easy to make close contact, so she had a very frank conversation with Benjamin about where he could put his hands during the dance. She also warned him about the reports of improper behaviour that will always appear afterwards.

After stepping up her dance training in recent years, Tiffany was asked if she was losing her figure as a result. She laughed that this has not happened to her yet and she admitted that she has a man in pursuit at the moment, but she will not let dating interfere with her work.

Hins will be singing a lot of classic songs in the show and he has spent a lot of time learning all the words after he fluffed his lyrics in the Mandarin Chart Show earlier. He revealed that in order to stop himself from making the same mistake, he has to pay $500 for each word he gets wrong. His new album has gone on sale in China and the response has been very good. Hins said that he is very happy that his record is selling well and although he is not making too much money from it directly, the increase in other jobs as a result has been fruitful. As a result, he plans to take the production team out for a sharks fin and abalone meal.

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