Justin Lee/Li Zhong Rui 李宗瑞 scandals with Maggie Wu 吳亞馨, Kelly Lin 林熙蕾, Amber Ann 安心亞

If you have not know there’s a taiwanese version of sex scandals similar to Edison Chen in Hong Kong, and you’re thinking Edison Chen scandals are hot, then you might be interested with this latest Taiwanese version.

Justin Lee (李宗瑞), 27 years old, is the son of Yuanta Financial Holding’s director Lee Yue-tsang (李岳苍) which have resigned, is currently in the news among the netizens on his sex scandal involving dozens of female celebrities. Naked as well as photos of his sexual intercourse with some of the celebrities are apparently leaked (which is now circulating within some forums and webs).

The news goes by:

After two women accused him of sexual abuse Taiwanese police seized his computer and found numerous sex videos and photos on the computer that feature up to 60 singers, models and actresses, including at lease 10 who appeared unconscious during the sexual intercourse. He reportedly fled to the United States. after the allegatioms were made by the two woman but police suspect Justin Taiwan remained in Taiwan, and hiding in the northern Taiwan region.

While this seems to be the tip of an iceberg, it is enough to get the heat gushing with the netizens eagerly hunting/sharing the photos.

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