Justin Gives Himself 60-70 Points for His Acting

Being the male lead in movie ??????, Justin expressed that his specialty is not acting and wants to just use this as promotion for himself.

Last night Justin, Kary Ng, Stephy Tang, Theresa Fu, Alex Fong and others attended the feast for ??????. Justin expressed, “Before filming this I asked my manager if I can not accept this job since I’m not comfortable with acting. But alot of people encouraged me and said I should try different things. Since the movie is related to music, I decided to accept it. This experience will help me be more focused when filming music videos. (Will it be your last movie?) It might be. I don’t even want to go to the premiere. I’d rather watch the VCD later.”

Justin also jokes that many of his friends wants to watch the movie so they can laugh at him. “When my sister watched 2 Become 1 last time, she was laughing until her stomach ached. There’s even intimate scenes in this one. I think I need to cover my eyes during those parts. (Will you invite Miriam Yeung to the premiere?) If she’s in Hong Kong then of course. (How many points do you give yourself?) 60-70 points. It’s just a bit above passing.”

It is rumored that Alex introduced a good friend to Theresa and ended up in a fight. But it is a pity that his family doesn’t like Theresa’s celebrity status. Alex replied, “I don’t know if they are dating or not but it’s bad that his parents are even pulled into this.” Theresa explains that she is not dating and she even lost a friend because of the media.

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