Joyce Koi Joins ‘Welcome to the House’

TVB held a celebration for its "November Birthday Stars" yesterday and participants included Joyce Koi, Vinci Wong, Rebecca Chan and Lee Szeki.

Joyce has had a birthday party earlier with her fans. She says: "My birthday was the 3rd October and on that day, I had a party with a group of fans and shared a cake. I received many presents, including lucky packets and electrical goods. It doesn’t matter about the value of the gift though and I wish for good health, good luck and to be happy in my work." On the work front, she says that she will be joining the cast of TVB sitcom "Welcome to the House" from next week, where she plays a person who loves cooking and takes Lawrence Cheng’s character as her mentor. She adds excitedly: "This is the first time working on a sitcom, but I will have to take part in a Cantonese opera performance, so I will only be guest starring for around ten episodes. I am still very happy to do it."

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