Joyce Jimenez: Not a crime to be vain

JOYCE Jimenez may not be doing a movie or appearing regularly on TV, but she’s far from being idle. For one, she is often a guest in one TV show after another in both the Kapamilya (ABS CBN) and Kapuso (GMA 7) networks. Three days a week she spends in her business by going to her Private Joyce stores. She has added more products to the stores so that it carries not just lingerie and beauty products.

"Before," she said, "it was known as the store that specializes in lingerie and other personal needs of a woman? Now, we have not only cologne but also feminine hygiene products which, of course, are all called Private Joyce."

Since her arrival from Australia where she took up a course in business management, she has shot one commercial, Circulan 4 in 1, with Gretchen Barretto, Luis "Lucky" Manzano and Christopher de Leon. Only recently, the Belo Medical Group tapped Joyce to endorse one of its latest beauty procedures, Smart Lipo.

"The procedure is bloodless," said Crystal Henares, one of two children of Dr. Vicky Belo, the brains behind Belo Medical Group, and general manager of the beauty medical clinic. "It is laser-like and is used to target the surface of the body where there is unwanted fat."

The laser goes through the skin and makes the fat cells burst, melt and become loose, making the unwanted fat easier to get rid of, she added. The bruise after the Smart Lipo is only minimal, since the laser which seals the blood vessels allows skin contraction, so there’s no more loose skin after liposuction.

Joyce, with her even sexier appearance, can do more sexy roles on TV and the movies.

"I have to take care of my appearance not just because I am being paid to look good and people expect me to look good, but for my own satisfaction, too," said Joyce. "I don’t think it’s a crime to be vain if your only purpose is to look good."

At the Belo Medical Group, Joyce also tried LipLite, laser hair removal, mesotherapy and facial treatments.

At 28 years old, Joyce reveals she has a Fil-Am boyfriend but she is allowed to go out on dates. She has long known the guy who, like her, grew up in the US. He works in the US also.

"I think , I’ve reached that stage where I feel I have had enough of the social scene kaya, as much as possible, I want to stay home, If i dont have important appointment"

Her last film was "Birhen ng Manaoag." Her last regular TV show was "Da Sexy and da Pilot" with Aga Muhlach.

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