Joyce Cheng receives many complaints from viewers

On October 6 2006, which is Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, Yan Yee had her first music video "Kao Zi Ji" (literally "depend on myself") first aired in a TVB prime time show called "Scoop" at 7:30pm. After that, Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority has again received at least 19 complaints on the offensive content of the music video. Some complaints suggested that the music video should be broadcasted after 11:00pm with a rating of "Parental Guidance".

Furthermore, many viewers said she is trying to gain popularity by appearing on TV, recording music videos, rather than caring for her mother (who has been sick for the past month).

In a questionnaire about Joyce Cheng’s recent actions, people’s responses were:
4.55% – No feelings
11.36% – Average, nothing special
21.97% – Unacceptable, she is only faking it
28.03% – Unacceptable, why does she have the feeling to make an MV when her mother is in hospital?
34.09% – Very Unacceptable, she is trying to gain popularity during the time that her mother’s sick, she is doing all this for her own, and doesn’t care about her mother.

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