Joyce Cheng explains Lydia Shum’s health condition

Lydia Shum underwent surgery to unblock her bile duct earlier and recently has checked into hospital again, admitted to the intensive care unit and only allowing a couple of close friends to visit her. This secrecy has raised rumours about her condition from the outside.

Lydia’s daughter Joyce Cheng decided to quash the rumours and accompanied by Lydia’s friend Florence Chan, she held an impromptu press conference yesterday outside her Kowloon Tong home. She maintained a smile throughout and explained that Lydia is in hospital for a check up and for rest and her health is fine. Wearing a pink T-shirt and jeans, Joyce said: "Thank you for your concern, my mother’s condition is okay. She had an operation on her bile duct last time and in normal cases, this is a minor procedure, but as she is suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and weight problems, then she needs special care and rest to ensure her recovery. After her operation, she was so caught up in her work and talking on the phone that she didn’t receive the recouperation that she needed." Asked if there was any rejection from Lydia’s body after the operation, Florence quickly responded on Joyce’s behalf, saying: "No rejection, it is just that she was too quick to return to work after her earlier operation and had too many visitors, so she did not have time to rest. She has not had a full body check for many years now, so she has to have total rest and the doctors have banned her from talking on the phone."

Joyce admitted that Lydia was staying in intensive care: "She can only get the true rest she needs by going into ICU. The doctors are not allowing her to use the phone or have too many visitors, so only family and closest friends can go and see her. They are also giving her a thorough body check that she has not had for several decades." When it was mentioned that her condition would be quite serious for Lydia to be admitted into intensive care, Joyce immediately explained cautiously: "It is not a big problem, touch wood!" Asked if the body check report had been issued yet, Joyce replied: "You really do not need to worry, give her more time to rest and regain her health. (When is the earliest she will be discharged?) The doctor has not said, but she is in good spirits and it will be when she gets better and stabilises." Asked if there were any other health problems, Florence interrupted and said: "We’ll let her speak to you again once she has been discharged."

Joyce says she has been to see her mother every day and on Saturday, she was accompanied by her father Adam Cheng. Asked if her grandmother in Canada knows about this, Joyce says: "Yes, she knows everything now." Asked how Lydia’s appetite is, Joyce says it is fine and she has been making soup for her mother, but keeping it very plain. Joyce also indicates she will be staying in Hong Kong for the time being because her mother needs looking after. Asked if Lydia is getting bored in hospital, Joyce says she is always complaining about the boredom, she she will go to the hospital to keep her company whenever she can.

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