Joyca Zhao filiming Min Shi’s “Love, Two’s Good, Three’s Worse”

Celebrity Joyce Zhao is currently filming Min Shi’s “Love, Two’s Good, Three’s Worse”. The production crew has observed that there is a new “Protector” for Joyce. Despite the wind and rain, this person has been driving her to and from work. It is discovered that he is also one of Taiwan’s 500 greatest enterprise owners.

The day before, Joyce’s manager Li Shi Xiang responded openly, “Joyce does have a pursuer. Both parties are still looking into the matter. If there is good news, we wouldn’t hesitate to share with everyone.”

It is known that he is still a very young man. He does not have a tall and great figure. After Joyce is finished with her job, they would go home together. Such sweet moments could not avoid whispering gossips when they’re being seen by the eyes of the filming crew.

The producer of the new drama, Lin Shu Qiao was questioned about such case and said, “I’ve heard them saying there’s a young man who often comes and waits for her here. But it’s not convenient for me to ask the cast member herself. As for how’s their situation, I’m not clear.”

Manager Li Shi Xiang expressed, “I’ve not seen him, only heard from Qiao Qiao about it. She does have a pursuer recently. He has got a good family background. But they’re still friends in the meantime, so there’s really nothing much to say.”

It is also known that this pursuer has been involved in his line of job for quite a while and he is also a boss himself. They both got to know each other through their friends.

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