Jolin’s Shanghai Concert – Invite Good Friends Alan Luo & David Tao

Pop princess Jolin Tsai 2006’s "????" world tour will start at Shanghai on September 23, at Shanghai’s soccer stadium. Jolin has officially announced at a reporter’s meeting that she has asked Alan Luo and David Tao to be guest performers.

Even though perfect dance diva Jolin already announced that she’s decided to invite male guest performers, but everyone was still wondering which boy she’d invite to be on the dance stage with her.

At the reporter’s meeting, Jolin announced that Alan would be one of her guest performers, then nervously continued revealing that David Tao would also be invited, finally disclosing this mysterious secret.

Jolin said that Alan is one of her close buddies, ever since she debutted, so of course he’d support her. David Tao is because she just sang a duet with him not too long ago "???????" (Marry Me Today). After working with him, did she get enough courage to invite him. Unbelievably (to her), he didn’t ask any questions and agreed, making her super happy.

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