Jolin’s Crazy Dancing For New Moves – 8 Hours Everyday

Jolin has been practicing everyday for her Hong Kong concert on September 15, 16. Everyday, she practices at least 8 hours. The longest is 11 hours without stopping. Yesterday, she was filming for her concert’s theme song “????” (Wei Wu Du Zun – Solo Dance Respect?) MV, she brought up that the rumors between her and Stanley Huang, laughed and said that they are just “good friends.”

On the day of her 26th birthday, Jolin will be in Hong Kong holding a concert. To get herself ready for the next level, she’s asked four world-known dance choreographers and teachers to choreograph new moves for her. She puts herself totally into preparing for this concert. Asked whether or not Stefanie Sun will show up? Jolin keeps us in suspense by saying: “Very possible! Concert guest performers are all pretty much established now.”

In “????” MV, Jolin plays three different characters – a horseback rider, a lady, and a sexy girl. Most of the dances used are the newly learned ones; sometimes when the choreographer hears a different beat, they’ll change the dance moves, causing Jolin to yell she can’t take it.

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