Jolin Tsai Put Hottest Moves with Stanley or Stefanie

Jolin Tsai danced with Stefanie Sun at her [Sun] concert “Lace Side”, and there were rumors of Stefanie being her “girlfriend”; there was rumors that Jolin for Hong Kong concert, practicing her hot dance moves, Stanley Huang has showed up late at night – which invoked rumors of them being together. Jolin “takes on both men and women”, very charming. On the 16th, Hong Kong concert, Jolin invited both Stefanie and Stanley to perform. Who will she choose – Huang or Sun to do the hottest dance moves? It makes people very curious.

Right now Jolin is still in Taipei practicing her dances and some “secret weapon”, the paparazzi waits outside the dance classroom and took pictures of Stanley visiting late at night, which started rumors that they were in a relationship. Stanley and Jolin are in the same managing company, also the same record company. So it’s not that weird to see them interact. Jolin tells outsiders that she thinks Stanley is a good friend, and the two talk on MSN a lot.

Even though Stanley is just a good friend, there’s no more-than-friends feeling, but yesterday night when Stanley went to visit so late at night, it’s hard for people to not start and wonder? Publicist expressed that the two won’t have anything started, but in the future, he doesn’t have anything to say to that. Jolin once said that Stanley’s not her type of man, the two are just good friends, and there won’t be anything more than just – just like Alan (Show) Luo.

Stanley and Alan are both frequent guests at her concerts. And at the late-night visit, they two have discussed giving Hong Kong fans something special. Not only might they sing “???” (Nice Guy). Also at the concert will be two other females. One will be the same managing company Rainie Yang, and the other will be same record company Stefanie Sun.

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