Jolin Tsai didn’t know Taipei’s new mayor Hau Lung-bin

New Year’s Eve brought some festive gossip, not least from the Taipei 101 extravaganza, where Jolin Tsai (???) was one of the star turns. She shared center stage with Taipei’s new mayor Hau Lung-bin (???) and did the countdown with him, but even so TV shots showed her looking askance at the official. Reporters discovered why later. As Tsai left the stage she asked her agent who the guy standing next to her was. When told it was Hau, Tsai responded, "Who’s he?" Clearly the "dancing queen" (????) has a healthy disregard for politicians, which Pop Stop thoroughly endorses.

The most disappointing news from the tail-end of last year was a big spread in our sister paper the Liberty Times about a home party (??) bust that netted "10 partygoers, surprisingly one person with AIDS and three Ecstasy tablets." Minor showbiz personality Chiang Kuan-hau (???) was at the New Year’s Eve gathering that was raided because of complaints about noise, according to police. They also found half a Viagra tablet and used condoms. The men were taken to the cop shop for questioning and Jiang was later released on NT$10,000 bail. The media were also invited to the after-party at the police station and there are photos of the men nursing their hangovers. Tens of thousands of people were celebrating the dawn of 2007 in the privacy of their own homes last week, where drugs were taken and people had sex. It only seems to be news, however, when homosexuals do it. Then the police tip off the media and a big deal is made of it. Also, why make used condoms an issue when this indicates people are having "safe sex"? Pop Stop is baffled.

Brit trash has arrived. Not poor, white Englishmen (though we have those too) but local Britney Spears imitators. As most tittle-tattle hounds know, Spears’ punani has been painting the town red with Paris Hilton. Though the punani and Hilton have broken up that didn’t stop model, TV host and failed politician Little Pan-pan (???) from turning up at her agent’s birthday bash over the festive period in a teeny-weeny, red-and-white, fur-trimmed bikini. According to a Next report, she revealed her "abalone" (??) to all and sundry, but none of the major dailies were interested as they had seen it all before.

Expect more shellfish in 2007, as revealing breasts to gain media attention became par for the course last year and is now hardly worth a mention. Who can forget beauty pageant winner Yuni Li’s (???) protestations of innocence when she revealed her baubles and the press dubbed her "chocolate nipples?" A month later she was at it again. Pink works best for locals, as shown by Bianca Pai (???), who flashed her raspberries at the start of last year and was able to hike her modeling fee from NT$3,000 to NT$20,000 as a result.

Finally, the favored faces of last year were Lin Chi-ling (???) and Takeshi Kaneshiro (???). A 1111 Manpower Bank (1111????) poll of 1,358 people put "Ice Cream" Lin at the top of the ladies’ pile because of her "sweet, beautiful, egg-shaped face" (????) and "devilish body" (????). Jolin Tsai was in second place for being a dancing queen and model Sonia Sui (??) was third, for obvious reasons. In the men’s category, Andy Lau (???) and Alan Luo (???) scored for their looks and sense of humor.

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