Jolin Tsai and Stanley Huang left many fans hot under the collar

Jolin Tsai, Taiwan’s answer to pop queen Madonna, proved her credentials last Saturday when her joint concert with Stanley Huang left many fans hot under the collar. After an onstage snog with Elva Hsiao and some provocative "yoga" positions, Tsai cracked the whip and turned into an ambassador for the country’s BDSM community by putting Huang through his paces.

In a more traditional take on a concert, Mayday’s bash on the same night at Banciao Stadium kicked off a round-island tour of concerts to promote the band’s new chart-topping album Born to Love.

Fireworks and pyro-technics burned up millions of dollars in minutes and warmed up the free concert, while the ample supply of red wine at the after- party guaranteed the exhausted musicians and guests celebrated in true rock and roll style. Members of support band Champion got so pissed they threw up. Classy.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, hottie Huang was given a tailor-made celebration party with a giant cake shaped like a pair of breasts, and the star revealed kinky details about his sex life with his former girlfriend.

In film-related news: Golden Horse winners Aaron Kwok and Gow Ian Iskander were in town last weekend to promote their film, After This Our Exile. The 41-year-old actor revealed to the press that he planned to tie the knot within the next five years, presumably with his "good friend" Chinese supermodel Lynn Xiong.

But it wasn’t until Taiwanese tycoon Terry Kuo showed up at the film’s pre-screening last Saturday that Kwok exhibited his really friendly side. From the after-screening dinner at Fifi to the late-night KTV fete, Kwok brown-nosed the big boss who is a movie mogul in the making.

A heavyweight celebrity, Kuo has made a high-profile entry into the show business and quickly developed friendships with A-grade beauties such as Carina Lau, Tien Hsin and Rosamund Kwan, a savvy businesswoman who said her acquaintance with Kuo began with her interest in investing in his ventures.

Self-styled "local king" Jacky Wu is another man busy with the ladies these days. The new additions to Wu’s who’s who of girlfriends are starlets Sung Hsin-ni and Lin Jo-ya. While Lin takes care of business running the restaurant she and Wu jointly invested in, Sung supplies the dinnertime company. Yet the man in the middle brushed off questions from intrepid reporters by saying both vixens were merely acquaintances.

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