Jolin Reveals Heartbreak and Wanting to Get Back at Cheating Lover

"Double J" love has ended for two years already, and the two people involved, Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai, still haven’t admitted that they were even together. Until recently, Jolin posted a message on her site (, the first time talking about her history of heartbreak. She also said that because her cheating lover cheated on her, then she wanted to curse and get back at him.

The song that Jay wrote for Jolin made her cry at her September solo concert. Double J has ended two years ago, and until now did Jolin talk about her heartbreak. She said she rememebred that she couldn’t face the two words "break up", but because the boy wouldn’t say anything, so she had to initiate and ask whether or not they were going to. Unbelievably, the boy admitted it and shocked Jolin. She didn’t know what to say, and she remembered that she wanted to curse him out, but she held back.

The song "How Come You Can’t Speak Clearly" is also written by Jay for her. It seems to detail the situation between Double J. As for Jolin’s message on the website, the record company has not issued any statements about it yet, but Jolin has stated that she and the boy have nothing to say to each other even if they meet up (which is very much like the Double J situation!).

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