Jolin Invites Wu Bai To Help With Record

Jolin’s rumored ex-boyfriend Jay Chou came out with a song with an older idol Fei Yu Qing, she didn’t want to lose to that, so at her preview concert listening, she invited Wu Bai to collaborate, and also came out with her first Taiwanese song "??????".

Jolin first invited Lin Yi Lian, then invited Wu Bai to add on. She revealed that ever since she debutted, she’s also really admired Wu Bai, but back then, when she invited him to sing with her, he thought that their songs were too different, so he ‘rejected’ her offer. But now when she ivnited him, Wu Bai looked at her progress and saw that she’s really dedicated, "her voice can have a few changes."

Jolin said this time she wants to tackle songs styles she hasn’t done before. The first person she thought of was Wu Bai and because she really likes "??????", that’s why she came with the offer. Unfortunately, after spending a long time to make Wu Bai agree, on the 29th when they entered the studio, because she just came back from Shanghai, and has a little cold, when she sang, there was a really strong nasal-ness. Wu Bai laughed and said: "We’re not going to sing the nasal version of this song today, right?"

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