Jolin Chai and Jay Chou, double J

The next day he will be seeing Jolin in beijing for an event, Jay says if they bump into each other he would just ‘say hi’.

While attending a ‘Prevent depression in schools’ event the other day, reporters brought up recent news that he was photographed with a female star or model eating together. When asked about it, Jay could only sigh loudly, ‘I’m single right now!’

Even though he claims he’s single, Jay expressed hope that ‘the one’ would come soon, and hopes that it is someone in the entertainment circle, as ‘it would be better’.

As Jay has many rumoured girlfriends, he is now labelled as a ‘player’. In response to the label, Jay laughed: ‘What can I do? I already have this image.’

The meeting of the ‘Double J’s’ have become a talking point
Both Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai will meet at ‘China’s TOP chart songs’ awards in Beijing. This impending meet is being anticipated by many. Jay said that if the two of them did bump into each other, he would ‘just say hi’

Jay said that both jolin and him haven’t been in contact for very long. He says, ‘We haven’t been in contact recently, last time i wrote songs for her, so we kept in touch with each other, now, i have no time to write songs for people.’

He couldn’t resist complaining to the reporter: ‘My rumours with her started with you reporters, now, 7 years later you are still writing about it?!’

He doesn’t think he’s being used to create rumours
Jay’s rumours usually start when he is photographed eating with a girl. Jay says, ‘When i eat with a girl, it means she’s my girlfriend? Then I must have over a 100 girlfriends! I’m already almost 30, eating with friends is a norm.’

Jay takes friendship very seriously, and he does not feel that he is being used to create rumours. ‘I belive people are good by nature, when i eat with someone i won’t hide, i’ll eat with them in public. I don’t care if i get photographed, but i must really say right now that i am single!’

He adds, ‘Even though i won’t be controlled while in a relationship, i still think i have more freedom being single.’

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