Jolin and Jerry Arrives in Sydney to Prepare for Jolin’s Concert

summary only:

Earleir night, Jolin went to the airport and flew to Australia to prepare for her Sydney Concert. Also joining her in the flight was her special guest performer for the concert Jerry Yan who will then proceed to Melbourne to shoot for his photobook.

At the airport, Jolin secretly alerted the reporters and asked "what do you want to write about? " Her special guest performer Jerry Yan was also asked what preparations is he doing for the concert, and he unexpectedly answered, " I’m preparing passion fruit to moisten my throat".


Jolin and Jerry boarded the same flight and arrived at Sydney at around 10 am (around 7 AM in Taiwan, HK, Philippine Time)
Jolin had an autograph session yesterday at redbox (karaoke place) at 3 pm.

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