John Woo to Cooperate with Tom Cruise in Sino-Korean Movie

Since the beginning of this year, reports have abounded suggesting that Sino-South Korean movie "Xiao Ye Dao" would shoot in scenic Dali in southwestern China’s Yunnan province.

Hangzhou-based Youth Times reported on Friday that renowned Hong Kong director John Woo would direct this project with no released English name. The lead actor and actress for the project were named as Hollywood star Tom Cruise and South Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun.

The movie is expected to begin shooting in April and last for three months.

Director John Woo successfully collaborated with Tom Cruise on the Hollywood blockbuster "Mission Impossible: 2".

Youth Times reported that part of the crew have prepared film settings for three months at a filming base in Dali.

The movie is adapted from the Japanese fictional animation "The Last Vampire," set on an American air force base in Japan around 1966 during the Vietnam War.

Jeon Ji-hyun will play a Japanese female vampire named Xiao Ye who is sent by a mysterious organization to carry out a murder mission at the American air force base.

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