Joey Yung Releases Her Latest Album “9492″

Recently Hong Kong pop diva Joey Yung brought her latest album “9492” to CRI, after working 3 years for the release of her newest musical creation.

It has been 3 years since Hong Kong pop star Joey Yung released her Mandarin album “Solo Photo”. And now the star has surprised fans with yet another Mandarin album, “9492,” following the her acclaimed “Honestly” (2001), “A Private Love Song” (2002) and “Solo Photo” (2003).

On why the collection is called “9492”, Joey says: “‘9492’ sounds the same as ‘This is Joey’ in Cantonese. I did a lot during the past 3 years for the new album and I think this is the very moment to release it. Now, after 3 years of experience working in Hong Kong, I can handle the new environment, new friends and the new language.”

The album includes 10 songs. The music video for the first song, the single “Love Revival,” is set in a medieval palace with Joey dressed up as a western princess. The elegant costumes and antique furniture are worth millions of Hong Kong dollars.

“‘Love Revival’ is like a story. It tells how love can cross time and space. Nowadays, love is short-lived; but I prefer profound and epic love. It is great to describe love as a way of crossing time and space. The melody of ‘Love Revival’ is magnificent, so I think it is a fitting theme song for the album.”

All the musicians included on “9492” are first-class, including female singer Mavis Fan and composer Fan Wenshan who has produced numerous songs for Taiwan Pop King Jay Chou. Joey also collaborated with Taiwan singer Alan Luo for the duet “Sweating,” which gave her a chance to showcase her dancing skills.

Besides working on her album, the 26 years old singer has also expressed her interest in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

“I want to do something great. My biggest wish is to sing the theme song of Olympic Games. It is challenging, but it represents so much. The previous open ceremony performances have been so full of life. I really want to be awarded the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

As all the stadiums in Beijing are being repaired for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Joey said she hoped she could stage a solo concert at the Worker’s Stadium if there is a chance.

Following the release of her new album, it is said that Joey will act in the new TVB play “The Academy 2”. She has high expectations for the play, which comes 3 years after her last theatrical performance.

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