Joey Yung Gives Show Luo Chicken Soup

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Yesterday, Joey Yung flew to Taiwan to hold an autograph session, also invited Show (Alan) Luo to attend. Earlier when filming for the MV, Joey accidentally kicked Show in a very important place. So yesterday, she sweetly gave him a pot of chicken soup for his body to get better, also as a way to say sorry.

Joey revealed that once just chatting with Show, she found out that he has a habit of wearing his watch when he’s performing, so she asked a professional to make a special set of watch for him. Joey said: “Show’s a good person, also very loyal. Giving him a watch, one thing is to thank him for coming today, second thing is so he can definitely use it while he’s performing.” Saying this, Joey expressed: “Actually, I also prepared something else for Show.” Then, the staff members pushed out a pot of chicken soup. Joey shyly said, “Chinese people always say that the thing you eat is best for ‘the thing’. Earlier, when we were filming for the MV, I accidentally kicked his very important part, even though it wasn’t anything too serious, but this soup will symbolize my sorry-ness, and hopefully it’ll help build up his body.” As for Show, who was not expecting any presents, he laughed and said: “haha! It makes up for everything.”

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