Joey Yung & Eric Tsang’s War of Words Over Yumiko’s Exposure Incident

After Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi’s exposure incident on TVB’s annual charity show, Eric Tsang Chi Wai was criticized by many people as being unsympathetic and rude in his comments.

As one of the MC’s present on the night Yumiko’s accident, he had commented lewdly, "Is there any chance the clip can be replayed in slow-motion again?"

At an EEG promotional event yesterday, Joey Yung Cho Yi hinted that Eric was only "pouring salt over Yumiko’s wound" and that he had no sense of pity. "I feel this veternan is used to ridiculing people. Maybe he was trying to lighten the atmosphere, but most people would have a sympathetic attitude. I don’t know want to criticize, but I don’t know how to describe this veternan."

Last year on Jade Solid Gold’s awards ceremony, Eric had pointed out that Joey had self-fabricated rumors. Allegedly, Eric and Joey has always held a grudge against each other.

Since Yumiko revealed her underwear on TV and Eric’s careless comment, Eric has become the target of numerous backlashes and was widely criticized.

Eric Tsang made an inappropriate comment. Even good friend Alan Tam could not help him out, "Eric always speaks before he thinks. Can you be angry at him each time?"

Alan continued slyly, "Maybe Eric deserves to be hit on the head again!" [referencing the time Eric Tsang was brutally attacked and hit on the head, resulting in multiple stitches. No names were outright mentioned, but the incident was hinted to be related to Joey Yung and EEG’s boss, Yeung Sau Sing.]

Reporters gasped at Alan’s reference, but Alan laughed, "We can hit Eric on the head with popsicles this time!"

Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi appeared at EEG’s promotional event yesterday, where managed artists such as Lam Chi Cheung, Wong Yiu Ming, Joey Yung, Nicholas Tse etc were all present.

Since her exposure accident on TVB’s annual charity show, Yumiko took one day of rest. Allegedly, over 600,000 viewers have watched her exposure incident online, spiking her recognition enormously. But Yumiko said, "I’ll rather the incident never happened!" Yumiko also indicated that after the exposure incident, she had nightmares the entire night.

"I am back to normal now. My family saw the news and called me from Shanghai, asking how I was doing? At that point, I almost couldn’t hold back." Is Yumiko upset that her exposure incident was widely shared on the internet? "Yes a little. But the footage was not acquired through spying; it was broadcast on TV, so it was beyond my control."

"Many friends advised that since the incident happened, I have to face it bravely. I also went on the internet to rewatch the clip myself."

Is Yumiko upset by Eric Tsang’s apparent lack of sympathy for what happened to her? "He was only trying to lighten up the atmosphere; he never encountered such an incident before."

Did Yumiko find the pants she wore to be too loose, thus causing them to fall off? Or the fact that she did not take additional precautions? "We practiced the stunt before and this problem has never occurred. On the night of the performance, I did not eat anything, so perhaps the waist band was a little loose, which we did not take into consideration."

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