Joey Kicked Alan in his “important area”

Hong Kong Diva Joey Yung was filming the MV to “Sweating” with Taiwan Pop prince Alan Luo. Because they had practiced separately before, when put together, when Joey kicked back, she had hit Alan right in his vulnerable area. Joey was very sorry and kept on appologizing. However, later When they had used a “last minute” stunt to act some skateboarding scenes, the guy had accidently ran into Joey, causing her leg to be in pain too. Joey apparently had spent a few days to prepare for the dancing in this MV, but Alan had only needed 45 minutes of practicing. Their choreography was designed by well known dancing instructor Alan Mak.

When asked about Alan, Joey said she had first met him when they flimed a movie “One bite out of an Apple” Now it is a few years later, both of them have grown up. She says that his singing and dancing has improved a lot.

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