Joey commented on an interview on Isabella acting in “The Mummy 3″

During an interview with Joey yesterday, she commented that Isabella should stay in the asian market, where at least some people know her. By going international, Joey heavily hinted that Isabella was being shallow and a “traitor” to her own ancestory.

Wearing a uniform to attend the “Ronald McDonald House” function, Joey was surrounded by reporters and bombarded with questions about Isabella’s recent speculations.

(What do you think of Isabella when she rejected Hong Kong reporters with an interview about “The Mummy 3”?)

“You guys (reporters) should speak english and pretend to be foreign media haha!”

(Do you think she went over the line?)

“No comment”

(She’s only a minor character)

“Really? haha”

(If you ever entered hollywood, will you ignore us like Isabella did?)

“I would only extend myself through asia. I am asian, there are a lot of asians, I am happy to be here. Although I must say sometimes fate will lead me anywhere, I cannot be sure.”

During the function, fans all rushed to donate in order to support Joey, and the fans club produced a gigantic cake to pre-celebrate Joey’s 28th birthday, which will be on June the 16th. When it came to the candles, the situation became humourous because Joey cannot possible blow out all those candles.

“Haha is this a mischief? There’s like saliva all over the cake after I blow like 20 times”

Joey will be in Hong Kong during her birthday, and she was excited EEG arranged her to do an advertisment in Japan just before so she can shop to her heart. When asked if should would celebrate her birthday with rumour boyfriend Meter chan, Joey expressed, “I don’t know! I have a lot of other good friends haha”. Joey also revealed that there will be a birthday party, and people like Charlene Choi will be invited. She also hope that presents from fans can be cashed instead for charity purposes.

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