Joe Zheng (Xiao Zhong)’s first class..

Yesterday was the first day of class for Joe Zheng (Xiao Zhong). He arrived at his college for his [English] class in the evening. Not only he had on his make up and foundation but he also had his hair fixed. Maybe because he is very tired from filming (ISWAK2), he took a short nap during the lesson. During break time, it was as if he was having a fans meeting session, many of his classmates were asking for his autograph and having their pictures taken with him. Later he even had a female classmate escorted him to the man’s room. But his (Joe) class mate plus close pal, Mike He (Xiao Mei) was absent yesterday and left Joe to face the crowd alone.

Idol’s first class
Joe has to retake his 2nd year subjects again. This semester, the subject that he’s taking is English. It was the first time he’s attending the class so it is equal to his first day of class. The class is having a big star as a student. Before the star arrived, the reporter already heard people discussing about it. Saying [This class got Joe Zheng ye! I didn’t have the chance to see him once in my last semester.] There are also some fans who come into the college to [keep Joe company], once the class is on a break, they would rushed over to him and have their pictures taken with him. There was even a friendly female class mate who personally escorted him to the man’s room. That scene was pretty interesting.

Having his make up and foundation on
The first class starts at 6.40pm, Xiao Zhong just happen to arrive on time by taxi. He was wearing a very simple jacket, looks pretty tired. Once he arrive in the classroom he asked one of the class mates [the seating is not fixed, right?] The reporter noticed that he had put on his make up, foundation and had his hair fixed just to come for the class; very high maintenance. During the class, he looks pretty attentive. At the start of the class, the lecturer keeps on explaining the importance of English and the unlimited China’s market in terms of business, etc. At this point, Xiao Zhong’s attention starts to waver a bit and take out his note book and starts to scribble away. Later, Xiao Zhong was very shocked to hear from the lecturer that the 3 minutes Self Introduction in English will be included in the pre semester term exam. He got more energy in the second half of the lesson. He also asked the lecturer a few questions. The reporter have a looked at the name list, he noticed that not only Joe and Mike are class mates, the more interesting thing is, being rumor as [closest friend], their class number happens to be together too! Mike is number 1 while Joe is number 2. Yesterday during the class, Joe seldom interacts with his class mates.

Afraid of Self Introduction in English
The reporter called up Xiao Zhong once his class was over. Xiao Zhong said that he could come for the class because he happens to have a free time slot from filming . He needs to rush back to the filming location as soon as his class is over. That is why he had on his make up, foundation and fixed his hair. First day of class, most memorable to him will be due to the location of the class had changed to the new building he doesn’t know the way to the man’s room. That is why he had to ask a friendly female class mate to show him the way. He (Xiao Zhong) said he did pay attention in the class. He was indeed worried about the Self Introduction in English but he will work very hard to over come it. As for why his best friend Xiao Mei (Mike He) was absent from the class, Joe said that he had no idea. Xiao Mei’s management company said that Mike has to take leave from school because he is busy filming a series.

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