Joe Zheng: “Within this circle, there aren’t many close and intimate friends.”

In Joe’s new drama, “Summer X Summer,” he has many different styles, ranging from little red riding hood to vampires to angels. For this drama, he has lost his “image” and focused only on funny and comedy. But behind the camera, he truthfully comments: “Artists are lonely!”

Joe counts with his fingers as he bitterly smiles: “Mike (賀軍翔), NiuNai (牛奶), Jo’elle (陸明君), XuWeiLun (許瑋倫). There aren’t even 10 close friends in this circle.” He states he cannot stand when people say that artists are very fake, but in this circle he says: “Artists do need to pretend, to protect themselves.”
Like himself, he once treated a friend like a good friend, but didn’t receive the same kind of treatment in return. In the end, he could only keep his distance from that person, to refrain from hurting each other.

When best friend XuWeiLun passed away, Joe was at her wake everyday. Although this is a unfortunate incident, Joe says: “This type of happenings allows artists to realize each others existence and chance to know and understand each other. Maybe new friendships will blossom, but whether happy, sad, indignant, sorrow, or cheerful, you experience yourself.”

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