Joe Ma shows his Support for Sonija Kwok

Joe Ma appeared on a radio interview yesterday to promote his second album "The Conquest" and his cookbook.

With his series "The Conquest" only gaining ratings of 25 points, he says he is not disappointed because he understands that ratings are beyond his controle and with so many festivals recently, the the public are too busy doing other thanks. He hopes that the ratings will start to climb because this is a 40 episode series. Talking of net comments about Sonija’s portrayal of Xishi looking too old, he says he has heard about this, but the series spans a storyline of over ten years, so a younger artiste may not have been as suitable. He feels that playing Fu Chai at his age is not ideal either. Asked if Sonija has been unhappy about this, he says that she understands that not everyone will agree with her, so she will just put the focus on her own performance.

Although Joe is married and has a son, he is still always causing gossip. Asked if he feels his rumours are affecting the ratings, he says he does not feel this because many other artistes have rumours, but this does not affect the viewing numbers. As for the reports suggesting that his wife has returned especially from France to help rescue him from the ‘playboy’ image portrayed, Joe says that his wife and son have returned to Hong Kong recently, but he says with resignation about the rescue rumours: "Why waste breath? They can write whatever they want. If I go to France, they say I am going to make up with my wife, if I don’t have time to go, then they say I am having a divorce. It is all written by them but after so many years nothing has happened and my friends and family are clear about this."

Joe also reveals that his parents have been followed around recently by the paparazzi and he is angry about this: "My parents are in their seventies and if they are injured or frightened, I don’t know what I would do. This is not right and over the top. Can they not have some morals? (Do they want to ask about your wife?) She had not come back at the time. (Will you move house?) They will follow me wherever I go and this is just about their work ethic. (Has this affected your family life?) No, I will continue to live life normally and I will not avoid it, but I feel it is an intrusion."

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