Joe Ma and Charmaine Sheh getting married

Yesterday afternoon, Joe Ma, Charmaine Sheh, Sammul Chan, Akina Hong and others attended the promotional event for new series ‘Maiden’s Vow’. They played a game where they demonstrated four types of wedding. When it’s Charmaine and Joe’s turn to portray newlyweds in Qing costume, Joe carried Charmaine on his back. To this Cheong Chi Kwong made a (adult) joke: "It should be male on top, female at below! While the female is on top?" He also jested that they should exchange position, but Charmaine refused. Charmaine joked that Joe carried her on his back represent that a guy have to be a slave (to his wife) forever.

In another game, the ‘grooms’ have to be blindfolded and search for their brides. Akina purposely misleaded them and even took Charmaine’s jade ring and wore in on herself. She also gropped at Charmaine’s breast. Later, when asked about this, Charnmaine say it’s okay because they’re both girls. Charmaine said: "She (Akina) is so perverted! But she’s just fooling around, she doesn’t mean it."

The reporters also asked if she was embarrased being so close to her rumored boyfriend onstage. Charmaine explained that the rumors are not true. It’s just their job to immerse in their characters. In addition, they are good friends in real life. She also stressed that she will only choose single, unmarried man as her boyfriend – someone she could grow old with.

In addition, since Charmaine has wore wedding dress in her countless tv series, she is afraid that she has numbed feelings for them. "Maybe when I really get married, I’ll have to wear something extraordinary or even weird."

Both Joe and Charmaine hope that the series rating will achieve at least 33 points. However, what is more important to them is that the audiences will like the series.

The reporters brought up the topic of Joe and Sonija Kwok’s kissing scene in ‘The Conquest’. Joe said that kissing scene was nothing compared to this series. He divulged that there will be many kissing scenes between him and Charmaine in ‘Maiden’s Vow’. The most passionate one should be where he jumped into the jacuzzi and shared a kiss with Charmaine. (Note: Joe mentioned that ‘The Conquest’ will be aired during TVB Anniversary Oct-Nov)

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