Joe Ma and Bernice Liu will be Working over Christmas

Bernice Liu and Joe Ma will both be busy working over this year’s Christmas holiday, with Joe filming for "The Drive of Life" and Bernice working on her new series whilst promoting her new series "The Brink of Law".

Talking of 2006, which is rapidly drawing to a close, she says she has been very satisfied because she has a pair of beloved dogs and they have had a wedding now, so she is wondering if they will have puppies in the Year of the Pig. As for her future plans, she says she will continue working hard to make more money because she would like to move into a bigger home. She bought her current home two years ago and at the time, Jessica Hsuan had advised her to save more money and then buy a larger home in a few years time, but she was too eager at the time and bought the apartment. Now she has found that the space is not enough for her, because her parents have come to live with her in Hong Kong and she has two dogs, so she would like a little more space. As for whether she would like some romantic bliss in 2007, she says that she hopes to find someone to share herself with and chat to her. At the moment, there is just her father, so she does hope for the opportunity to meet someone."

As for Joe, he will be releasing his own record soon and he says that there are five songs on there and one is from his new series "The Conquest" (aka "Warlords"). He hopes that the audience will like this song and though it understand his role of the Wu Emperor. He points out that he has already released two records and hopes that next year, there will be another record entitled "Joe Ma’s Theme Songs" to allow people to re-live the characters he has played.

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