Joe loses $8 Million to kiss Ariel again

It Started with a Kiss 2 (ISWAK 2) will finally start filming at the end of this month. The orginal cast Ariel & Joe wil all be together. To guarantee that the filming will be on schedule, the artists are restricted from accepting outside work. Ariel and Joe have rejected movies and commercials both of them rather losing millions of dollars to focus on ISWAK2. ISWAK2’s contract was signed last year. The cast is afraid of ISWAK’s nightmare of spending 9 months for filming. They would like to finish filming ISWAK2 before Ariel start filming LOCH again and Joe do his Japan promotion and movie filming. Ariel has already rejected other drama series and movies which cost her to lose a couple hundred thousand dollars already. Joe has already rejected 4 movies and commercials, all together losing $8 million. All this because they wish that ISWAK2 would be filmed perfectly. Joe says: "I’ve started to slim down, movie will start filming after ISWAK2 finishes." Joe also needs to go to Japan to promote ISWAK in May, so he has already requested time off two months ago because he’s scared that it’ll cause delay to filming of part 2. Ariel’s manager said ISWAK2 is Ariel’s main focus for this year and will reject all work until July.

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