Jo In Sung, “Disappointed that nobody recognized me in Japan”,

“I was disappointed that nobody recognized me in Japan, but I don’t understand how so many people could have come today.”

Jo In Sung met with 3,000 or so members of his official club on the 21st at 3pm and 7pm at the Tokyo Bunkyo Civic Big Hall.

Jo In Sung held a birthday party at the fan meeting and spoke with fans about his recent movie ‘A Dirty Carnival’ as well as his personal life.

He also requested a camera to be installed on stage and took a picture of the 3,000 fans receiving applause.

Jo In Sung commented, “I’m nervous and is a rather different experience as I’ve never been on a stage this big. It is a completely different feeling from filming a drama or movie.

Especially in regards to his trip to Japan, Jo In Sung said, “I backpacked for 5 days and 4 nights and toured the city riding the subway. I didn’t understand Japanese so I missed stops and had to walk for hours.” He also admitted that he was somewhat disappointed that nobody recognized him.

When asked by one fan about his girlfriend and thoughts about love, Jo In Sung responded, “I personally like the line from the movie Tian mi mi (Comrades: Almost a Love Story), ‘I believe the time I loved you must, was when you were not by my side.’ When two people meet for a long time, the flattering feelings and what seems to be the feeling of love may go away, but I believe that is true love. I believe one day I will be able to experience such love.”

Lastly, Jo In Sung said to his fans, “I will put effort into making my acting be with everyone, and hope that you will be on my side as I mature.”

Meanwhile, Jo In Sung will attend one more fan meeting on the 23rd in Osaka and return to Korea on the 25th.

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