‘JJ, do you take him as your kissing partner?’ – ‘A-Do’

IN the glittery world of show business, kissing someone of the opposite sex no longer seems to guarantee people’s attention.
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‘Kissing (JJ) is like kissing a little kid, it’s more like I sayang (Malay for ‘showing afeection’) him… Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility!’ – A-Do

Instead, locking lips with a star of the same sex appears to be the way to set tongues wagging.

Stefanie Sun and Jolin Tsai have done it. So have Tanya Chua and Fish Leong, Stefanie and Fish.

Madonna and Britney Spears did it in front of millions of television viewers.

The latest pair to pull such a stunt?

JJ Lin and A-Do.

The two Singaporean singers shared such a shocking moment in the sixth and final leg of JJ’s Just JJ World Tour in Taipei last Friday.

To be sure, it was not the first time they have jolted audiences though.

JJ and A-do, who has been his regular concert guest star, had previously kissed each other on the cheeks or held hands in some of the other five shows, triggering reports and rumours about their sexuality.

But none was as daring as this.

Before the kiss, A-do, 32, had teased: ‘I didn’t bring any presents, so shall I give (him) a French kiss?’

To which the 25-year-old singer songwriter egged A-do on, adding that ‘Jolin and Elva (Hsiao) kissed in the former’s concert, so shall we have a male version? I’ve never kissed a guy before!’

A-do then tried to change the subject, claiming that he was ‘scared’, but when pressed on by JJ, he said they couldn’t let the Taipei audience miss out on what they have done in the previous shows.

JJ then suggested the unthinkable stunt: ‘Let’s do it mouth to mouth.’

However, when A-do took a step forward, JJ stepped back immediately.

He declared: ‘I must first clarify that we like girls.’

Then it was mouth to mouth, lips on lips – thank goodness it wasn’t French – for a few seconds, to deafening screams of the 10,000-strong crowd in the Taipei Arena in Taipei City.

If the older performer appeared daring, the younger JJ was definitely more reticent.

But the close friendship is unmistakable from their friendly jibes on and off stage.

‘JJ’s very scared of me,’ A-Do joked with local reporters at the post-concert celebration party.

‘Kissing him is like kissing a little kid. It’s more like I sayang (Malay for ‘showing affection’) him… Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility!’
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JJ admitted he was nervous in the presence of guest-performer Jolin, who appeared in a sexy outfit of a mini-skirt and bustier top.

To which JJ rebutted: ‘I’m just making your wish come true!’

Nevertheless, JJ admits the kiss was an ‘internal struggle’ for him.

‘It’s strange kissing a guy,’ he said.

Would he get nightmares about the stunt?

‘Depends on how big the press coverage is tomorrow,’ JJ joked. ‘But that’s as far as I would go.’

Even if it was a publicity stunt, his fans seemed to lap it up and take it in good humour.

Said Singaporean Rae Tang, 26, an assistant marcom manager who was at the concert: ‘It’s (the kiss) okay because girls and girls also kiss now. We’re quite exposed to all these.

‘Maybe it is a publicity stunt… But I don’t feel he needs to do it for publicity. I think he did it more for A-do whose popularity in Taiwan, I feel, is dwindling.’

Added Mr Alvin Tan, 23, a Singaporean national serviceman who had heard about the kiss: ‘Perhaps he’s also using this to create news and for more exposure. It’s definitely a publicity stunt.’


Although JJ’s mother was reportedly seen staring agape when the two kissed, JJ’s father said ‘it shouldn’t be taken seriously as it’s just show business’.

In a recent interview with The New Paper, JJ too, made it clear he preferred the fairer sex.

‘I think if I’m really (gay), then I’d be worried, you know what I mean? I’d be like, ‘No, don’t talk about it.’ But I still like the girls, I prefer the girls.’

Evidently so. In the segment where pop princess Jolin appeared in an all-white sexy outfit of micro mini-skirt and a half spaghetti-strapped, half jacket-styled bustier top, JJ admitted he was a bundle of nerves in her presence.

He told her: ‘I’m very nervous because you didn’t wear that (sexy outfit) during the rehearsals. Now I don’t know where to place my gaze.’

She replied: ‘The stylist designed this. Isn’t he nice to you?’

Although it may only have been less than four short years since JJ burst into the scene and this was the first time he was holding a solo concert tour, he was quite a master in engaging the audience with his, at most times, humorous banter over three hours.

For instance, when he returned to the stage after Jolin’s high-energy performance of Mr Q, he showed off the detailing on his pants.

Fiddling with the fly, he explained: ‘The backstage staff thought I didn’t zip up and said they could see my briefs and asked if I got too excited to see Jolin.’

Other than his physical and verbal jokes, JJ, who is known as a credible composer and musician, also showed off his other musical talents.

Especially impressive were the beats he created with his mouth, imitating closely the sounds of the drums, high hat and even a fart.

The concert was a visual feast of glossy costumes, fancy props and flashy pyrotechnics – all in line with the theme of the eerie past, good and evil, and the intimidating future – as he belted out hits like Cao Cao, Haven, Bullet Train, Perfect Match, Thousand Years Later, Sarang Heyo and River South.

What set the Taipei performance apart from JJ’s shows in Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia, Wuhan and Tianjin was the stellar cast of guest singers he invited – A-do, Jolin, as well as Angela Chang and newcomer Lin Yuzhong – which seemed to please the audience.

Other stars such as Wang Lee-hom, Guang Liang and Ella of SHE – who sprinted on stage to present JJ a big bouquet of flowers as well as a big hug – were among the audience.

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