Jiro Wang Gets Sent to the Hospital

Last Friday, during thje filming of "KO One Family," Jiro suddenly fainted and had to be sent to the hospital. It was said that Jiro is lacking in white blood cells, so his body cannot fight back the germs and bacteria, causing him to faint. Plus he’s had a fever of over 40 which hasnt gone away for a while. When Jiro’s mom heard of this, she couldnt help it but cry. Jiro replied: "I can’t believe that my Christmas will be spent in a hospital!"

Right when he finished "Hana-Kimi," Jiro accepted "KO One Family." This cauased him to have no time inbetween for a break, plus that fact that he has to fly everywhere for his CD and music promotions, it overworked him. Jiro says: "Ive only been able to sleep for a few hours for the past months."

The funny thing is, when Jiro went to the hospital, the doctor that looked after him was Arron’s father. Jiro says that during that day, he wanted to puke and had nose bleeds. Jiro also said he doesnt like going to hospitals, and that he doesnt want anyone to take pictures of him in the hospital, scared that the pictures will ruin his "hot" image.

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