Jill Vidal Reveals her Crush on Edison Chen

Jill Vidal, who was interviewed on radio earlier, was asked to describe her dream lover. When hearing this, Jill immediately began praising Edison Chen by calling him handsome and cute. But as Edison already has a girlfriend, Vincy Yeung, Jill disclosed that she will not express her likings for him.

Despite being rumoured to be dating Kelvin Kwan, Jill did not hesitate to reveal her crush on Edison. She commented, “I like Edison. He is really cute!” Jill and Edison are under the same company and because of this, Jill met Edison at a celebration party earlier. Jill said, “I know he has a girlfriend, so I won’t tell him… I will not pursue him because he has a girlfriend.” Jill then expressed that she does not know who his girlfriend is and does not know who she is the daughter of.

When asked if she will now be embarrassed if she sees Edison, Jill laughed and replied, “I hope he doesn’t listen to this interview. I’m not sure…. I’m really nervous! (Did you have a crush on him before you bumped into him?) I thought he was cute, just like a lot of other females.”

Jill then revealed that her sister, Janice, also likes Edison. As both Jill and Edison perform the same genre of music, Jill was questioned if she hopes for a chance to work with him. She answered, “We both work on R&B and Hip Hop music, so I certainly hope for a chance to work with him. But I do not know if he wants to.”

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