Jill Reveals Her Boyfriend is Jealous

Yesterday, Jill, Joey Yung, Kelvin Kwan, and other singers attended the opening ceremony of Famine 30. They and 3,600 campers will starve together to experience the sufferings of impoverished famine victims. Kelvin expressed that he ate an abundant breakfast beforehand. When he’s hungry, he’ll drink water. The journalists poked fun of him and rumored girlfriend Jill as 有情飲水飽 (‘having love, a couple can be full just on drinking water’). Kelvin said, “Yes, as friends!” When it came for pictures together, a journalist requested Kelvin to drink water. Jill expressed with displeasure, “Don’t be like this again! I’m afraid my boyfriend will get angry. He said why the journalists keep asking. He’s a little jealous. Sometimes when he sees our pictures in the newspapers, he’s reluctant to see it. (Introduce your boyfriend to Kelvin?) They talked on the phone. Kelvin is a little shy, and his English is not the best. My boyfriend only knows English.”

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