Jill Not Upset Over Accusations of Copying

The night before, Jill, Joey Yung, and others carried on a ceremony for Famine 30 by putting away their shoes. They and 3,000 campers took off their shoes and will be walking barefoot and starve. Earlier, Jill was accused of copying the angel wings and costume she wore in Janice’s concert from Victoria’s Secret. Jill explained, “Does everyone think it’s similar? Both Ayumi Hamasaki and Madonna have a cross in their concerts, but they’re completely different. I had a part in giving ideas on the costume. The inspirations were only achieved from other designs. The fabric and wings are different, but the company makes the decisions in the end. I’m a newcomer, so I’ll listen to the company. I hope I can make decisions in the future.” Asked if she’s upset, she said, “No, I’m upset over purposely selecting pictures to publish, showing me being fat. Actually, there are many front-view pictures that look OK. Side-view really shows a little fat. Leon told me not to care. He said the most important is that the audience likes it. A lot of friends said it’s good, so I don’t regret doing this.”

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