Jiao Jiao declares that he did not tell on Xiao Zhu

Yesterday, Luo Zhi Xiang (Xiao Zhu) was at a function as the spokesperson for BenQ phones. He asked the company for a pink phone, sharing rumoured girlfriend Selina’s same like for pink. However he said in defence that he liked pink ever since high school. The day before, Yi Weekly reported that his ‘love rival’ Huang Zi Jiao (Jiao Jiao) had revealed to the press that the design of T shirts from Xiao Zhu’s self-created label was copied from photos from a Japanese magazine Smart Girls. With regards to this, Xiao Zhu declined to comment while Jiao Jiao emphasized that he did not reveal anything.

T shirts can be refunded

Xiao Zhu did not say whether he believed that Jiao Jiao was innocent. Jiao Jiao sent a declaration that he did not reveal anything, and the declaration contained statements that he hoped Luo Zhi Xiang would find out the truth of the matter before he accepts any public interview on this to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding. Also he said that in the future Xiao Zhu should understand the principle that it required a lot of effort to understand the workings of another profession, and Xiao Zhu was welcome to talk and exchange ideas with him when he was free but he should not misunderstand his friend of 10 years and other seniors. The two men’s animosity which started because of Selina seems to be endless.

Xiao Zhu acknowledges that he had been careless, and expressed that customers who bought those T shirts could return them and get a refund of 1200 NT. He has also apologized to the Japanese magazine.

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