Jiang Ji Jiu Ji finished ahead of schedule, Li Qian’s scenes were deleted?,

Yesterday, some news stated that Jiang Ji Jiu Ji has finished filming on the 21st, ahead of schedule, because of dispute between Tou Zi Fang and director Zheng Jicheng. But when we interviewed Tou Zi Fang, he has refuted this rumor and indicated that the filming was very smooth therefore has finished right-on time.

Within the entertainment circle, there are bound to be various rumor — it seems to be a popular charade.

Rumor : Director and supporting actress
It is reported, that all the supporting characters in Jiang Ji Jiu Ji were from the same cast as "Threshold of an Era" and "????" in which Zheng Jicheng directed.

Yesterday was when the news was spread saying that during filming of Group A, director Zheng Jicheng without Tou Zi Fang’s agreement has reduced the script for leading lady Li Qian and added more for the supporting actress.

At the beginning of this month, more disagreement occured, causing Tou Zi Fang to let other directors film Group B. During this time, the filming crew have remained very low-key. The original finish deadline was October 28th, but Jiang Ji Jiu Ji finished ahead of time on the 21st.

Some people stated that the filming finished early because of filming fund was insufficient.

Tou Zi Fang: "No such thing."
Yesterday, reporter sent telegram to Tou Zi Fang, the person in charged replied that this was simply a rumor. As for finishing early ahead of schedule was certainly not true. "The date was actually within the original plan, which was the 22nd. Since filming has been smooth therefore they finished a day ahead, 21st." Tou Zi Fang’s representative also said that "Tou Zi Fang and the director Zheng Jicheng did not have a disagreement, this news is purely false."

Li Qian: "I did not know if scenes were deleted."
Li Qian plays leading lady Yuer in the serie. Several days ago she has received a minor wound from an explosion therefore has been recuperating. Yesterday, Li Qian accepted the reporter’s interview. She seemed extremely suprised when she heard of the rumor and replied with a question, "There’s really such rumor? Then that is not fair." She further explained, "The script is certainly incomplete because there’s always modification whenever neccessary; therefore the screenwriter is always there during filming. It’s normal that actor only know about the script within the morning before filming. So if her scripted has been shorted or not she is quite unclear. About the director being suspended from filming certain group, Li Qian said this was not true because from the beginning to the end, Zheng Jicheng was the primary director. There was only an intermittence of several days in which the director took a rest between filming of Group A and Group B. When Li Qian was injured, the director personally helped look after her wound and urged her to rest well. As for the fininshing early rumor, Li Qian also said, "The original deadline was 22nd or 23rd, therefore we did not finish ahead of time. We finished on the 21st and afterward we went to eat with everyone including director Zheng Jicheng."

Jiang Ji Jiu Ji is expected to be broadcasted next year.

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