Jet Li, Jackie Chan Unite for charity

Chinese martial-arts superstars Jackie Chan (left) and Jet Li, in the One Foundation t-shirts, at a press conference promoting their forthcoming film “The Forbidden Kingdom,” on Thursday, June 14, 2007. Jackie Chan has accepted Jet Li’s invitation to take on the position as honorary director-general of Jet Li’s charity fund, the One Foundation. [Photo:]

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Chinese martial-arts superstar Jet Li’s charity fund, the One Foundation, will soon have another martial-arts mega star on board.

The official website for the One Foundation said on Tuesday that Jackie Chan has warmly accepted Jet Li’s invitation to take on the position as honorary director-general for two years.

Jet Li will make an official announcement on Thursday at a press conference promoting the China-American kung-fu movie “The Forbidden Kingdom,” which features both stars.

“The Forbidden Kingdom” is the first film collaboration between the two most well-known Chinese martial-arts actors, and Jet Li was quoted as saying it also created an opportunity for them to build their charity contributions together.

The website says Jet Li and Jackie Chan have been exchanging charity work experiences while shooting the film.

In April, Jet Li worked with the Red Cross Society of China to set up the One Foundation, with the idea of encouraging each person to donate one yuan (US$0.13) per month.

Previous reports say big-names including Jay Chou, Andy Lau and Peter Chan have contributed their part to the fund.

On the other hand, Jackie Chan founded the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation in 1988 to help young people with better medical services and aid disaster-stricken victims. In 2006, the actor announced he would donate half of his assets to the foundation when he dies.

It’s believed the two joining hands will result in more donations for the One Foundation.

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