Jessica’s Lucky Charms: Red Underpants and Short Hair off the Face

In her series "Dicey Business", Jessica Hsuan played a compulsive gambler and aside from her mad gambling, she was always laughing and screaming and pulling endless silly faces. Off the screen, Jessica smiles that she does not have very much gambling luck and loses 9 out of 10 times. Even her side-business selling fruit juices that she invested in with Miriam Yeung did not succeed and so she has focussed her attentions on her acting instead.

On their promotional visit to Taiwan, both Jessica and Bosco indicate that they have never won any of the lucky draws at the TVB Anniversary, but Jessica is a firm believer in Feng Shui and every year, she will invite a master to check her home. However, she is worried about people thinking that she is overly superstitious, so she does not put too many lucky charms out. Jessica shares her lucky omens from the series, saying: "If you do not wear some red underwear, then you should bring a pair of red knickers or a handkerchief with you. Also your luck will improve if you have short hair that does not cover your face."

Bosco says that when he was filming for "Dicey Business", he watched the film "God of Gamblers" at least 10 times and he often imagines himself with his hair slicked back like the star of the film as he feels it would be good fun.

Bosco has been busy working every day recently and usually only has just 4 hours sleep a day. At the new year, he will have three days off from TVB and he smiles: "In these three days, the only thing I have to do is sleep, sleep and sleep." Jessica will spend the break playing Mah Jong with her father and mother."

At a visit to a restaurant earlier, they had prepared for a feast, but Bosco wolfed down a pack of duck tongues that he had been given by a fan at the hotel and this left him with a sore throat, so he could not eat too much and could only sigh at missing out.

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